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Our company offers its clients comprehensive legal services in all areas of Czech and German law as well as criminal counseling in the courts of both countries.


rcc will not offer you a loan, but usually something better: someone that takes care of finding the suitable conditions  and best financing banks and shall ensure that nothing unusual will be asked of you.

Intellectual property

Many people are looking for or are merely hoping for the spark of inspiration that will make them rich. rcc does not help you with your dream, but aids you with the legal protection of your ideas and related (exclusive) rights. Not rarely people are so happy about their good idea, an useful invention or simply created a cutting-edge and marketable product that they forget that not everyone rejoice with them and their new knowledge and creativity may be denied by others. rcc therefore guardedly advises and is anxious about that you yourself are protecting and keeping your intellectual property, but as well that you viz versa shouldn´t – unknowingly – deny intellectual property rights of others and suffer hereby harm yourself.

Trade and transportation law

rcc provides legal advice in negotiating of transportation contracts and the corresponding regulatory framework conditions.

Real Estate Law

rcc is engaged in this area most frequently in purchase and sale contracts of real estate and everything that needs to be taken into account and regulated, both prior to the conclusion of the contract and afterwards.

Insolvency law

As far as insolvency issues are concerned rcc is most often entrusted with Proof of Debt of creditors in insolvency proceedings, the application of preferential rights or claims for the release of movable items from the assets. Not infrequently the complaint as dealing with the insolvency administrator is as well relevant in practice.

Litigation and arbitration

rcc tries to prevent lawsuits. Court proceedings are expensive, often take a long time and contain an element of uncertainty. Therefore we try to reduce the risk of litigation. Sometimes legal proceedings are inevitable. rcc is making sure your rights are protected.

Labor law

Your interests are the starting point for rcc´s activities, in current labor law issues, as well as in special situations. rcc does not want to focus only on employers but also on co-workers or self-employed people. In practice it turned out that the experience gained by dealing with individual cases, which are normally encountered in the three situations of labor relations, helped rcc to evaluate the interests and tactical maneuvers of the clients, but also of the counter-parties. If you need support in dealing with dismissal or other labor law issues, rcc will be happy to offer advice and support.

For employees who seek help because they have received a dismissal/notice to leave:

Czech Republic: If you have received a dismissal you have immediately (preferably on the same day) express towards the employer your written disagreement with the dismissal/notice to leave, in case you are not willing to accept it.

Germany: You should not, under no circumstances, miss the deadline for filing a legal action against the employer’s dismissal/notice to leave  (if you are not willing to accept it); 3 weeks (from receipt of the dismissal/notice to leave) expire before you can say knife.

Criminal Law

Do not waste your valuable time and simply contact rcc. Until then, you must know one thing: Talk is silver, silence is golden.

Business law

You are planning to be entrepreneurially active and therefore register a trade, establish a company (e.g. Ltd., corporation) or enter a partnership? We take care of that. You are thinking of buying another business entity, merge or split up your company? Conflicts with other shareholders or business partners are in view or already pending? The list is long, the way to rcc certainly shorter.

Contractual law

Thanks to an international client ship rcc can hardly place all contractual relationships into categories. In principle these range from A like acquisition to Z like execution (taken from the German term „Zwangsvollstreckung“, or the Czech term “exekuce” meaning the act of getting an officer of the court to take possession of the property of a losing party in a lawsuit (judgment debtor) on behalf of the winner (judgment creditor), sell it and use the proceeds to pay the judgment).

Currently the majority of the contractual issues is within the area of investment, purchase, lease, transportation and employment contracts and loan agreements.

Family Law

Marriage contracts, divorce, alimony, right of contact and of access, property disputes, spousal abuse, to name just some of the common areas of activities. The focus of the questions rcc is confronted with in recent years is clearly aiming to divorce, support and contact/access issues.


The attorney fee for providing legal services is generally regulated by the Ministry of Justice Decree No. 177/1996 Coll., about attorneys’ fees and compensation for providing legal services (attorneys fare).
According to the schedule of attorneys’ fees the fees are stipulated in the contract with the client, if it is agreed as a contractual fee; if not, it is fixed according to the schedule of attorneys’ fees.

In our law office we always take into account the individual needs of our clients and therefore the fee for our legal services is usually fixed as a contractual fee according to the agreement between lawyer and client. Contractual fees can be determined mainly by the number of legal acts carried out in the case or upon an hourly rate. The fee is also possible to define as a predetermined fixed amount, or as a monthly fee in case of long-term legal services.

Information for clients about the alternative customer dispute resolution:

Pursuant to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection Act, as amended, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic entrusted the Czech Bar Association with an alternative dispute resolution regarding disputes between a lawyer and an end-user resulting from the legal service contracts. The website of the designated body can be found under:


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