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The founder of rcc, Roger C. Cunningham, LL.M., represents your interests in and out of Czech and German courts, since he is a member of the German and Czech Bar Association.

German law is not only practiced by rcc at the location of rcc in Prague, but as well in Germany, because attending hearings or extrajudicial appointments directly in Germany is part of rcc´s activities and services.

Cases in Criminal law usually require the support of clients and potential clients e.g. in pre-trial detention in order to make them understand that they are not left alone and with regard to e.g. their family members to offer them a place to go and to contact someone for the often great amount of questions that now become relevant for them in a situation like pre-trial custody.

Given the connection of Czech law, the Czech environment and Czech language with its German counterpart regarding law, environment and language, regularly international and/or European law is applied in our German practice. Often our clients who mandated us with problems in Germany are, non-German citizens, who prefer mandating us in a “German” dispute not only for linguistic reasons, but as an international law firm; purely German law firms do not enjoy this advantage.

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Roger C. Cunningham, LL.M.

K Rotlevu 678,
254 01 Jílové u Prahy
+420 771 148 146
+420 222 541 001

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